“Top notch training and staff.”

“I would recommend this to everyone embarking on building a community recreation center. EXPERIENCING recreation spaces is vital to spreading the ENTHUSIASM.”

“Connecting with other recreation professionals is the best way to ask questions and track trends. The amount of info I recieved was incredible.”

“Recommend 100% so valuable!”

“Who better to learn from than the designers of the spaces. To hear the facts, ideas, thought process, concepts, and where money is saved is great information.”


“Learned how important it is to build & design a center based on the community personality, not just their wants – it helps with the buy-in and success of the center well-beyond the wow factor.”

“No matter where someone might be in the process, there is so much that you can walk away with.”

“Heck yeah! 😊”

The allocation of resources within communities is inequitable, and I learned more about the possibilities in collaborating with other groups and districts to help develop programs in less-affluent communities.”

“Very helpful when upgrading or building new buildings.”

“Taking facility tours with the designers and architects was completely different than touring with operators. It gave me reasoning behind design choices, like floors, ceilings, tiles, etc. rather than how the building is used.”



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