Trail Winds Recreation Center

Thornton, Colorado
City of Thornton
87,287 SF
$45.25 Million

Trail winds recreation center is an 87,000 sf facility that houses recreation areas as well as a senior center wing, licensed preschool, child watch, multipurpose rooms with an attached warming kitchen, and outdoor/indoor playground. As you enter the main entrance you are greeted with a double height space that has views to the natatorium as well as the 32’ high climbing pinnacle at the end of the space. On the recreation side of the center there is a natatorium with 4 bodies of water and two 20’ tall slides. Centrally located in the recreation wing are locker rooms as well as family changing room and two party rooms. There is a gym that has 4 pickleball/volleyball courts, one large basketball court, and two cross courts. There are two dance/aerobics rooms and one spin/yoga room adjacent to the gym. These spaces also have direct access to the outdoor fitness garden, where there is space for outdoor yoga, cross training and aerobics classes on nice days. On the mezzanine level there is a walk/jog track that allows views into the pool, fitness, and gym areas. The fitness area, with weights and cardio equipment, is also on the mezzanine level.

My Sessions

7 am-6 pm Facility Tours – Day One

Windsor Community Recreation Center, Berthoud Recreation Center, Trail Winds Recreation Center, Thornton Active Adult, Northglenn Recreation Center, Light breakfast, snacks and lunch provided (dinner not included)