Joseph T. Walker, PhD

Principal Lecturer for University of North Texas, Dr. Walker first presented this pilot study at Texas Recreation and Parks Society Institute in 2022 with Mick Massey.

Dr. Walker completed a doctorate at Clemson University in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management with an emphasis in Urban Planning/ Recreation/Sport Infrastructure Development. His practical research work is in comprehensive recreation development, management, service quality, and program evaluation. He has had a variety of work experiences, including concert promotion, special event operations, sports programming, aquatics, and recreation facility development, maintenance, and management.

His project expertise includes: Comprehensive planning and operations of municipal parks and recreation services, recreation economic impact, land use strategies, community needs assessment, programming for diverse populations, tourism planning and economic development, commercial recreation development, and assessing the need and funding of recreation opportunities that promote an active lifestyle.

Dr. Walker has multiple peer reviewed scientific publications, national research presentations, and delivered multiple professional education presentations and workshops for professionals active in the US municipal parks and community tourism industry.

My Sessions

5:45 Keynote

Our keynote speaker is Joseph Walker, PhD, University of North Texas. He will present his findings for a pilot study conducted in 2020. The age-old myth that recreation centers eliminate private fitness has been BUSTED! Thanks to a new explorative pilot study released by the University of North Texas, we now have facts, figures, and […]