Jenna Katsaros

Jenna is the Facility Performance Advisor with BRS. With 15 years and various roles in a municipal park and recreation agency, Jenna had the opportunity to see recreation from many different angles. Her range of expertise includes community engagement, operational analysis, technical and creative writing. She’s also a skilled government jargon interpreter and questioner of that’s-just-how-we-do-things policies. Jenna loves the versatility of the recreation profession and the amazingly resourceful people who dedicate their lives to it. Jenna is a former Recreation Superintendent for the City of Aurora, CO, Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department.

My Sessions

4-5 pm Facility Operations Workshop

The process from when a community first begins to think about a new recreation center and when the doors officially open can take three, four, or more years. Has the pre-planning been thorough, do you understand your market, is the community and decision maker group on board? Has the design process matched the initial desires […]