Berthoud Recreation Center

Berthoud, Colorado
Town of Berthoud, Colorado
49,400 sf
$32.8 million

The Waggener Farm Park project is the first phase of a Parks Master Plan that was conducted in Berthoud, a historic agricultural community in Northern Colorado. Within the Waggener Farm Park site, the main programing goals were to include a Community Recreation Center, a community destination park, outdoor sports fields, outdoor community gathering spaces and pedestrian connection to the adjacent residential properties and overall trails network.

The building entry recalls a white farm house wrapped in a broad porch with a stone fireplace flanked by larger barns enclosing the recreation spaces. Program amenities include: an indoor leisure pool and 3 lane lap pool, gymnasium, fitness & weights area, aerobics room, child watch and small community party/meeting room space.
The Waggener Farm Park site is approximately 57 acres. The northern third is slated for development of this project while the larger southern portion will remain primarily natural landscape. Exterior features include soccer fields, playgrounds and an outdoor community plaza in a grove of trees adjacent to the center.

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Windsor Community Recreation Center, Berthoud Recreation Center, Trail Winds Recreation Center, Thornton Active Adult, Northglenn Recreation Center, Light breakfast, snacks and lunch provided (dinner not included)