Packing List

This list is intended to guide your packing. Please take into consideration any additional items that fit your needs.

Four Days:

3-4 pairs of shorts or dresses/skirts (whichever you’re more comfortable in!)
3-4 T-shirts, polos, blouses or button-downs
2 pair of pants (Colorado is known to cool down in the evening)
1 Sweatshirt or light jacket
1 pair of comfortable shoes (preferably closed-toed, tennis shoes work well)
Sandals (no flip flops please)
4 pairs of underwear
4 pairs of socks
Rain jacket or poncho (just in case!)
Sunscreen (mountain sun is stronger so please use SPF 30 or higher)
Phone charger


1-2 nicer outfits (sundress/polo shirt) – for dining out
1 swimsuit
Card games
Special snacks that fit your diet
Backpack (for tour days)
Face mask


We will outfit you with a water bottle and sticker with your name on it.
Please drink lots of water due to heat and elevation.
On tour days please wear clothes that are comfortable to move in – walking shoes a must! (no flip flops)
Remind Debra and the Camp Hosts of any food allergies you have or any requests such as a disability or wheelchair accessibilty.


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