Base Camp: Tour of The Core

June 23, 2021 at 11am MST

You all know our mantra is TOUR, TOUR, TOUR! Now for the first time ever, we are bringing our audiences on a virtual tour. Join us as we explore the remote but remarkable recreational center, The Center of Recreational Excellence (CORE) located in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The original designers of the center Craig Bouck and Zach Bisek will be doing a virtual walkthrough of the building followed by a Q&A session where they will be joined by the current Facility Director, Lyndsey Henderson and BRS’s Facility Performance Advisor, Jenna Katsaros. Our beloved Rec Camp hosts Mick Massey and Mendy Putman will be our facilitators.


Base Camp: Scouting Uncharted Territory

What is the new baseline for operating, designing and planning community indoor rec centers? We explored that baseline and scouted a new path forward that impacts today, tomorrow and the future of center design.

We recognize that centers are opening with new operating procedures. This isn’t about how to reopen. This webinar explores a plan so that we can ensure that our essential services are not interrupted and delivered consistently for when the next crisis hits. Presenters give insights into operations along with design and planning ideas to establish a new baseline.

This presentation was offered for free on June 18, 2020 and was presented by Craig Bouck, Mick Massey, Mendy Putman, John Barnholt and Jen Jursnick.



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